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DECEMBER 9-19, 2018

To All National Chess Federations in Asia



Dear Friends,



The National Chess Federation of the Philippines, on behalf of FIDE and the Asian Chess Federation, has the honor to invite all National Chess Federations in Asia to participate in the Asian Continental Chess Championship scheduled 9 December (arrival) to 19 December (departure) 2018 in Manila.


Attached are the regulations for your perusal. This is the fifth time the Philippines is hosting the Asian Continental Championship and we will do our utmost to offer you the traditional Filipino hospitality.


We look forward to welcoming you to Manila.


Thank you so much.


Truly yours,



Prospero A. Pichay, Jr.

Chairman & President


Entry shall be submitted by the national federation in the link registration form below on or before December 1 2018 together with payment of the entry fees. A digital ID photo and clear scanned Passport Copy of each player or accompanying person should be sent by email to the Organizing Committee.

ncfpsecretariat2012@gmail.com / philchesstournament@gmail.com




Entries are not confirmed unless Registration and Entry fees are received before the deadline. Please send payments to:


Beneficiary Name:            National Chess Federation of the Philippines

US Dollar Acct Number:   0248271000482

Bank Name:                      Philippine Bank of Communications              

Address:                           6795 PBCom Tower cor. V.A. Rufino, Ayala Ave., Makati City 

SWIFT CODE:                   CPHIPHMM


The Championship will be played in accordance with the following rules and regulations:



The Technical Delegate, Chief Arbiter, his Deputies and Assistants will be appointed by the Asian Chess Federation President, Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifah Al Nahyan. Any matter not mentioned in these regulations shall be decided upon, if necessary, after consultation with the Asian Chess Federation.


The Technical Delegate shall be responsible to ensure that the Organizing Committee adhere strictly to both the general conditions and the regulations of the Asian Continental Championship.



An Appeals Committee shall be constituted before the beginning of the tournament as stipulated in the regulations.


There shall be a Chairman, two other members, and two reserves all from different Federations, appointed by the ACF President in consultation with the Organizing Committee. No member of the Appeals Committee shall sit in judgment in a dispute involving a player or party from his Federation except where the dispute is between two players or two parties from his Federation.


All protests must be submitted in writing to the Appeals Committee not more than 30 minutes after the relevant playing session, or the particular infringement complained against.


The Committee may decide on the following matters:


a) an appeal against a decision by an arbiter,

b) a protest against a player's behaviour,

c) a complaint alleging false interpretation of the regulations,

d) a request for the interpretation of specific regulations,

e) a protest or complaint against any participant, or

f) all other matters which the Committee considers important.


If possible, the Committee shall reach a decision not more than two hours after the submission of a protest. The appeals process shall include written representations and a written decision. The Committee shall endeavor to find binding solutions that are within the true spirit of FIDE motto. Each protest must be accompanied by a deposit fee of USD 200 (two hundred US Dollars) or the equivalent in local currency. If the protest is accepted, the fee shall be returned. If the protest is rejected, the fee may be forfeited to the Organizing Committee. The written decision of the Appeals Committee arising from any dispute in respect of these regulations shall be final.



In the Asian Individual Chess Championships, tie-breaks are organized only in the following cases:

- to establish the Champion;
- to establish qualifiers for the World Cup / Women’s World Championship.


Tie break system to make ranking will be calculated in the following order:

        a.) Direct Encounter;

        b.) Greater number of victories (forfeits counted);

        c.) The average rating of opponents except 1 highest and 1 lowest Opponent;

        d.) The Buchholz System Cut 1 (less 1 lowest);

        e.) The Buchholz System

         f.) Sonnenborn Berger System


Only photographers and camera crew expressly authorized by the Press Officer may work in the playing venue. Flash may be used only during the first ten minutes.

An official photographer, designated by the Organizers with the approval of the Chief Arbiter shall be allowed to take photos at any time during the round without flash.



Players who need visas may request invitation letter for application at their respective consulates. For registration, please send ID photos and clear scanned copies of passports valid for at least six months (valid till July 2019). Deadline for registration for visas is November 26, 2018.


All Players are obliged to wear uniforms that represent their national federation and/or the national flag. Shorts and slippers, sun glasses, sport caps and revealing attire are not allowed. Award winners should follow the dress code at the closing ceremony.




              Casto Abundo

            Asian Chess Federation  Technical Delegate


            BOTIM: +971-50-3544938


            GM Jayson Gonzales

            Project / Tournament Director


             Viber / WhatsApp / Botim / IMO / Messenger +63925 895 2308


            Mr. Pat Lee

            National Chess Federation of the Philippines


            VIBER: +63 995 542 1266


Malugay corner Talisay Streets,
San Antonio Village, Makati City


Malugay corner Talisay Streets, San Antonio Village, Makati City, parallel to Gil Puyat Avenue, behind Skyland Plaza Twin Tower Condominium, in the vicinity of Philippines Savings Bank and Makati Medical Center. Situated right in Makati's residential and commercial districts where business, shopping and entertainment centers are located. We are 4 kms away from Manila's cultural and convention centers; and 8 kms away from the International and Domestic Airports


      1.1 Each Federation from FIDE Zones 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7 can enter one official player in the Open and one official player in the Women’s Division.

     1.2 In addition, each Federation may send extra players rated 2250 and above for the Open, and 1950 and above for  Women based on the December 1, 2018 FIDE Rating List. Extra players will be responsible for the payment of their board and lodging through the Organizing Committee. Exceptions for the rating floor may be made by the Continental President on request of national federations.


The tournament shall be conducted as a Swiss System competition of 9 rounds and will be played according to FIDE regulations.


The time control is 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds per move starting from move one. The games shall be played with electronic clocks. Pairings will be made by Swiss Manager Program. Players from the same federation with more than 50% score shall not be paired together in the last round.


The drawing of colors for round 1 shall be carried out during the players’ meeting.



     Day 1              December 9        Arrival

     Day 2              December 10      Players’ Meeting           11:00

                                                        Opening Ceremony      14:45

                                                        Rd. 1                            15:00-21:00

     Day 3              December 11      Rd. 2                            15:00-21:00

     Day 4              December 12      Rd. 3                            15:00-21:00

     Day 5              December 13      Rd. 4                            15:00-21:00

     Day 6              December 14      Rd. 5                            15:00-21:00

     Day 7              December 15      Rd. 6                            15:00-21:00

     Day 8              December 16      Rd. 7                            15:00-21:00

     Day 9              December 17      Rd. 8                            15:00-21:00

     Day 10            December 18      Rd. 9                            10:00-14:00

                                                        Blitz Championship

                                                        Closing Ceremony

     Day 11            December 19      Departure


Attendance is required at the opening and closing ceremonies.  Default time shall be 30 minutes after scheduled round starting time.


Entry shall be submitted by the national federation in the attached registration form on or before December 1 2018 together with payment of the entry fees. A digital ID photo and clear scanned Passport Copy of each player or accompanying person should be sent by email to the Organizing Committee.



 Each player or accompanying person must pay US$100 to the organizers for accreditation, internal transportation and other local organizational expenses.



Upon registration, each official player shall pay the entry fee of $125. Extra players pay double, $250 entry fee. The Organizing Committee shall pay half of the entry fees to Asian Chess Federation. Entries are not confirmed unless Registration and Entry fees are received before the deadline. Please send payments to:


Beneficiary Name:            National Chess Federation of the Philippines

US Dollar Acct Number:   0248271000482

Bank Name:                      Philippine Bank of Communications              

Address:                           6795 PBCom Tower cor. V.A. Rufino, Ayala Ave., Makati City 

SWIFT CODE:                   CPHIPHMM


Players who do not fulfill payments till the Technical Meeting will be removed from Pairing.


In accordance with FIDE Regulations, air travel expenses shall be borne by the participating Federations.



Playing venue is at the function room of TIARA ORIENTAL HOTEL All participants are required to stay at the official hotel.


The official players from each National Federation will be provided with lodging from afternoon of December 9 till noon of December 19. Participants will be accommodated in double (or triple) shared bedrooms.


Each extra player/accompanying person should pay for their accommodation through the Organizing Committee in advance.


Single Room $150 / Double Room $85 / Triple Room $75 / Quadruple Room $65 per person per day

     - Rates are with full board (3 meals a day).

     - Transport to and from Manila Airport will be provided by the organizers.


Take Note:      Payment for Registration Fee, Entry Fee and Hotel Accommodation should be done thru the organizer (NCFP) otherwise registration will not be accepted and player will not be paired.


Prize fund is $35,000 for the Open and $15,000 for Women’s as follows:


          1st Place     $10,000          9th Place               $700

          2nd Place    $7,000           10th Place              $600

          3rd Place     $5,000           11th Place              $500

          4th Place     $3,000            12th Place              $450

          5th Place     $2,000            13th Place              $400

          6th Place     $1,000            14th Place              $350

          7th Place     $900               15th Place              $300 

          8th Place     $800               16 - 25th Place  $200



          1st Place     $6,000            9th Place          $400

          2nd Place    $4,000          10th Place         $300

          3rd Place     $2,000          11th Place         $300

          4th Place     $1,000           12th Place         $300

          5th Place     $800              13th Place         $300

          6th Place     $700              14th Place         $300

          7th Place     $600              15th Place         $300 

          8th Place     $500               16th Place        $200


Cash prizes shall be shared among tied players.


The top five (5) from the 2018 Asian (Open) Championship shall qualify for the 2019 World Cup. The 2018 Asian Women’s champion shall qualify for the Women’s World Championship.


If previous qualifiers are among the winners, the next in line in the Continental shall take the Continental qualification place to the World Cup / Women’s Championship.


Filipino Grandmaster (GM) Julio Catalino Sadorra agreed to a draw with Indian GM Surya Shekhar Ganguly in the sixth round to stay in hunt in the 2017 Asian Continental Chess Championships being held in Chengdu, China.

Sadorra improved his score to four points on two wins and four draws to share the sixth spot with 10 other players in the tournament sanctioned by the International Chess Federation and Asian Chess Federation.

Sadorra earlier defeated untitled Chinese players Chen Qi of China in the second round and Zhang Ziji in the fourth round and drew with GM Jha Sriram of India in the opening round, GM Yu Yangyi of China in the third round and GM Rinat Jumabayev of Kazakhstan in the fifth round.

Chinese GM Wang Hao is in solo lead with five points while Yu, GM Chithambaram Aravindh of India, GM Bu Xiangzhi of China and GM Baskaran Adhiban of India are in a four-way tie for the No. 2 spot with 4.5 points each.


Filipino GM John Paul Gomez and International Master (IM) Paulo Bersamina are in a group of three-pointers at 26th place while GM Jayson Gonzales has 2.5 points in 47th position.

Gomez lost to GM Chanda Sandipan of India, Bersamina outclassed FIDE Master Zou Chen of China, and Gonzales split the point with Xu Minghui of China in their respective sixth round matches.

In the seventh round, Sadorra shoots for an important win when he battles GM Wen Yang of China while Gomez tackles FM Chen Fan of China, Bersamina faces IM Xu Xiangyu of China and Gonzales meets GM Al Rakib Mollah Abdullah of Bangladesh.

The top five players after the nine-round tournament will earn spots in the prestigious 2017 Chess World Cup scheduled on September 1 to 25 in Batumi/Tbilisi, Georgia.

In the women’s division, Woman FIDE Master Shania Mae Mendoza collected 2.5 points for 32nd place after six rounds while Woman Grandmaster Janelle Mae Frayna got two points for 45th place.

Mendoza bowed to Woman International Master Pv Nandhidhaa of India and Frayna succumbed to Xu Yuze of China.

MAY 18, 2017

GM Sadorra presses on in Asian Continental Chess

RP2 (Dzsr SportsRadio)#Chess

Asia’s best woodpushers will again gather in Manila for the World Cup Qualifying Asian Individual Chess Championships set next month.


The Philippines is confirmed as host of the Asian Men’s and Women’s Individual Continental Chess Championships set December 9-19 in Makati.


The tournament, the first qualifying for the Men’s World Cup and Women’s World Championship, offers 50-thousand dollar purse. The top five men and five women shall advance to the next World Qualifying stage.


Members of the National team which competed in the World Olympiad led by G-M Jan Paul Gomez and Woman GM Janelle Mae Frayna will lead the host’s bets as they confront tough rivals from China, India, Iran, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan .


The Philippines last hosted the tournament in 2013 at Midas Hotel in Pasay where Gms Oliver Barbosa and Mark Paragua grabbed World Cup slots.
G-M Jayson Gonzales of the organizing National Chess Federation of the Philippines announced the country’s hosting in an interview by RP2, one day after it was officially posted at the Asian Chess Federation website.

November 2, 2018

2018 Asian Continental Individual Chess Championships in Manila 

THE elite of Asian chess will compete in the Asian Continental and Women’s Open Chess Championships on Dec. 9-19 at the Tiara Hotel in Makati, with five World Cup slots up for grabs.

Asian Chess Federation executive director Toti Abundo, who was in Tagaytay for the last Asian Seniors Championships, said about 80 players from 20 t0 25 countries from all over Asia are expected to compete in the tourney.

Abundo said China is fielding at least 20 players in the tourney organized by the National Chess Federation of the Philippines led by Rep. Prospero Pichay Jr. The tourney will be held in the country for the fifth time since 2013.

Players from China, India, Vietnam and the Philippines are expected to dominate the tourney, according to Abundo. Only players with an ELO rating of 2250 or higher will be eligible to compete.

Aside from the five World Cup slots, also up for grabs is the total prize of $50,000, with the champion getting $10,000.

“The five top winners will play in the World Cup that will kick off the new cycle of the world championship and will be held in Khanty Mansiyk, Russia in September next year,” Abundo said.

He added that ACF president Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nehyan, a member of the ruling royal UAE family, has been invited by Pichay to be the guest of honor in the nine-round Swiss tournament.

NCFP executive director GM Jayson Gonzales said majority of the country’s leading players will be keen on playing in the championship, including Eugene Torre, Asia’s first Grandmaster; and veteran International Master Chito Garma.

Torre topped the over over-65-year-old division while Garma, 54, emerged as the overall champion in the recent Asian Seniors, earning his first GM norm in the process, staged at the Tagaytay International Convention Center.

Among the top local GMs expected to compete, Gonzales said, are GMs John Paul Gomez and Darwin Laylo.

November 16, 2018

Top players coming for Asian chess meet

By: Bong Pedralvez